With our dog sports, high protein training treats are an important item! When Chewy.com had Wellness® Pure Rewards® Turkey Jerky available for review I jumped at the chance.

As with many of my reviews of edible items, I called in my “tasting team”. Being a member of the My GBGV Life Official Tasting Team is not an easy job, but we are up to the challenge! The three of us have plenty of experience tasting Chewy.com products for the past two years. We have tons of Chewy.com boxes because we order almost everything right from their website. We order our dog food, cat food, treats, and most recently a couple travel kennels. We love their low, competitive prices, fast service, and free delivery on orders of $49 or more. Typically my paw hits send, and three days later my order arrives in a nice FedEx truck.

The Wellness Pure Bites Turkey Jerky is super healthy, and extra tasty. Each piece has around five calories which isn’t too much and is perfect for training.

The average piece is about an inch square, but can easily be torn into a smaller piece. Some other facts about the turkey jerky:

  • More Than 90% Meat
  • Limited ingredients
  • Grain-Free
  • Wheat-Free
  • Perfect for Training
  • Contains No Artificial Colors or Flavors

I will now show you how I chose to eat the Wellness Pure Bites Turkey Jerky. Step one, open the bag and let the delightful odor escape.

Step two, take a closer whiff of the turkey jerky.

Step three, stick your entire head in the bag if you can. You have to get that turkey jerky out of the bag and into your mouth.

Step four, enjoy. Get your tongue out there to show your feelings on the wonderful flavor!

What did the rest of the #ChewyInfluencer tasting team think? I think the above photos speak for themselves!