We are all happy for healthy heart news! Mom had to wait for fifteen weeks, not that we are counting to find out if her heart healed or has permanent damage from her heart attack. A week ago today she had her cardiologist appointment and found out her heart has healed! The functions are the same as they were in a test two months prior to her heart attack. Boy are we all relieved! Mom has had to do the most work to get back to square one, but each of us have had a paw in the recovery as well.

Bailie is our non-certified therapy dog. Gramma calls her that all the time. She was with Mom when it all went down on that terrible day in July. Bailie is a gentle soul. She specializes in taking things slow if that is what Mom needs to do, rarely pulling her around, offering lots of cuddles, and not being a demanding dog. Bailie is also happy to be with Mom a lot to keep her company. Since the heart attack, she doesn’t like to be alone in case something happens. Bails has even been doing pretty well in her sports once again which relieves stress for Mom.

I’m the rule follower and I make sure everyone follows the rules Mom has had for the past four months. Amazingly, I’ve also started to really enjoy cuddling. I now love bedtime and sleep right up close to Mom on her one side. My sisters, especially Olivia can be a bit much sometimes and I have been making sure everyone behaves well to reduce any stress around here. Mom tells me I’m her best running dog too because I always run at her side and at her pace which she says is the way it should be.

Olivia is the crazy one, and I think she is most excited about the healthy heart news Mom got. Her restrictions are mostly lifted now which means Olivia can get back to doing her leap which both of them have missed. Olivia is also an over the top cuddler and is Mom’s Velcro dog. She has given Mom so much cuddle support it is not even measurable! We still use the hands free leash most of the time for walking because Olivia is one to pull and tug on our walks. Mom says the hands free leash has been a really important part of being able to walk with Olivia without causing any injuries to her heart.

Heart functions are back to their previous normal. Activity restrictions are lifted. Walks are pretty much normal and we are all running more and more with Mom. Cardio Rehab will be done in a week. Mom is much less stressed knowing there is no permanent damage. The hardest part of this whole thing has been the mental and emotional toll which will take a long time to get in check, if it ever really does. We are so very thankful and we now hope to get as close as possible to life as we knew it sixteen weeks ago today.