Happy Thanksgiving 2021 From Our Family To Yours

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving 2021 with family today, and eating lots of good food but we don’t want to forget to give thanks. Each of us is thankful for so much in our lives but there is always something extra special to be thankful for.

Bailie – I’m thankful for a wonderful home, and a Mom who understands me. She lets me stay home a lot so I don’t have to travel, and she tries to take me to local dog sports when she can so I don’t have to ride in the car very much. Even though I don’t mind staying home, she likes to include me whenever possible because we are all a family.

Madison – I’m happy and thankful for all the loving I get from my mom. She always makes extra time for me to show me how special I am. My sisters, especially Olivia, can be a bit overbearing but Mom handles that for me. We all have a great home with everything we could ever need and that is really something to be thankful for.

Olivia – I’m thankful my mom loves me so much and we both so love doing dog sports together! We have so much fun and I’m really lucky to have a fun Mom to be a Velcro dog to.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving 2021?