Happy birthday to my mom today!!!  I can’t tell you how old she is because she says I can’t count that high. That doesn’t matter! I thought long and hard about what to get her this year and I came up with a super duper surprise!

My mom loves ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen custard, and chocolate. I had the absolutely brilliant idea to get her a Culvers Cookies & Cream Concrete Cake! I can’t share with her since it has chocolate but that is okay, I don’t share my birthday cake with her either. I now had the issue of how to get that cake to my house. It is was too hot outside for me to walk the six miles round trip. That cake would be so melted if I did that. I decided I better drive.

Humans are so fixated on that green paper stuff with numbers on it, aka, money. Before I left I helped myself to some green paper from Mom’s wallet and then I got my driver’s license and headed out in the car to Culvers. Since I was picking up a birthday cake, I decided to wear a party hat on my mission.

Darn restaurants in the US don’t allow dogs, so I had to use the drive thru to get the cake. What is up with that “no dogs in restaurant policy” anyway? Some humans I have seen have more hair on their bodies than some of my dog friends and they are allowed in! Grrrr…

I pulled up to the menu/talking box, and the lady gave me a hard time about me being a dog and not having any money. Seriously, if I can drive myself to the place, don’t you think I would be smart enough to bring money? Heavens, I have even done modeling and made my own money!

After barking at the woman in the talking box for a bit she finally accepted my order and told me to pull forward to the next window to pay. I paid, and then she told me that I would need to wait a few minutes for them to get the cake, so I should park and wait on the patio.

The woman delivered the cake to me on the patio a few minutes later and I could see just by looking at it that Mom would be so happy! What could be better than hanging out with Katie and I, and eating one of her favorite cakes?