A howling, Happy 85th Birthday to our Gramma today! She celebrated over the weekend, so we thought we would include some shots of what we did for her. The three of us don’t visit at the same time because we are overwhelming. Since I almost always visit, I let me sisters go for her birthday. I will go next weekend and help her plant some flowers. Getting my paws in the dirt is always fun.

My job was to get the birthday cake. I mean presents are important, but the cake is the really big part of a birthday, right? Gramma likes liver I have heard, so I tried to get a liver cake. It turns out they don’t make liver cakes at the bakery for humans, such a bummer! I know Gramma likes lemon too, so I ordered up a vanilla cake with lemon filling and lemon whipped frosting. Mom did not let me taste it, but it sure smelled good!

Mom and Madison ordered up the birthday gift and Olivia helped choose the crazy, wild wrapping paper. Gramma happens to love bright colors, especially orange, which means Olivia picked a good paper for wrapping the gift.

My sisters gave Gramma her gift right away because they were both excited about Gramma’s 85th birthday.

Olivia was wondering what was taking so long. She isn’t good at waiting for things, young and impatient.

Madison is always very helpful. She waited patiently so she could help Gramma read her birthday card.

Of course, dogs are not allowed at the dinner table, so we have a shot of just Gramma getting ready to blow out the candles on her birthday cake. Gramma had a wonderful 85th birthday celebration, and we wish her a wonderful day today on her actual birthday!