Happy 4th birthday to me today! Time sure does fly when a girl is having a lot of fun and adventures! I feel more like I’m two, but I know I am really four.

As you know, I’m Pink Girl, which is why I chose a pink party hat for myself this year. Mom took me to Burwell Park to do my photo shoot. This park is on the acreage of the Charles Burwell home which is on the registry of historic places. We skipped the house and enjoyed the park for my photos.

The park is situated right along the banks of Minnehaha Creek. Mom wouldn’t let me go into the creek. I have been in it before, but at a different location.

Of course, we ended up doing my photos on a sunny fairly warm day, so expect to see a lot of my long pink tongue. Thank dog it matches my pink hat, collar, and leash!

There were some nice wooden walkways around the five acre site. Many of them have rock walls on one side with lots of greenery growing and flowers too. Wooden walkways feel good on the paws in hot weather.

We found lots of these pretty flowers which are kind of a lavender/purple shade, but they also look pink. Every girl loves to have some pretty flowers on her birthday, right?

Happy 4th birthday to me! Stop back tomorrow for all the party photos. I sure hope I get some good gifts and treats!