A hands free running leash is a must for our mom. In 2015 she tried one for the first time and swore she would never hold a leash in her hands while running ever again. What would we do as our old one didn’t hold up to our eternal pulling dog, Olivia.

We love our Umbilical Belt. It has worked well for the past six years and has put on many, many miles. Mom ordered a new one two years ago as the Velcro on the first one was starting to wear out. Until May, it was holding up well too. Olivia seems to be the one to destroy leashes with all her pulling.

First one of the leashes broke, and then the ring we attach the leashes to started to separate. We tried a second one and it only lasted three runs. Mom was afraid it would break and then we would have a problem.

We have heard of Iron Doggy and it seems to be pretty sturdy. It is supposed to hold up to two hundred fifteen pounds of pull. Not only that, but the leashes have two handles and marine grade bungee cords in them. How would these work for us?

It is challenging learning to run with all new equipment, but so far so good. Mom misses the wide belt from the Umbilical Belt, but she absolutely loves the leashes on this new one! She can easily grab a handle if she needs to suddenly keep us close. Even if she grabs the bungee cord, it is super easy to hold on to.

The bungee cord makes it much more difficult for us to pull, and if we do pull, it is cushioned for us and for our mom. We don’t suggest tying your pup to a tree, but for this post we needed a human. Since Mom can’t be in a photo she is taking, the tree is replacing her waist. The belt on the hands free running leash is very adjustable and fits around mom nicely.

The clips on the leash allow you to easily adjust the length of the leash you have from thirty to forty six to fifty four inches long.

We also ordered the pocket so Mom can take her phone and some extra poop bags along with us. You can have one or two dogs hooked up easily, maybe three depending on if they are pullers or not. The price point isn’t too much for this Iron Doggy hands free leash either. If you are looking for a good leash for walking or running hands free, check these out! We still love the Umbilical Belt, but it could not stand up to Olivia. Thankfully we found a good new leash that works for us.

My GBGV Life purchased this leash with our own green papers and receive absolutely no compensation from Iron Doggy for this post. We just like to share products we love with our readers.