Great photographers are something we are thankful for in out dog sports. Some are amazing, some are so so. The best ones capture so much in their shots, we are simply amazed! The photos from our trial back in October recently came out. The lighting and the bright colors of the playground are so perfect, I want to share some of my favorites with you.

Just an fyi, all the photos in this post are taken by Caprise Adams. We purchased them for our use.

The day of this search was purple day but as you can see, Mom still has her orange vest on and the bottoms of her shoes are also orange. This is the first time I ever searched a playground and it was quite fun.

I like the climbing thing with all the pretty colors on it. Perhaps there is odor hidden in there somewhere?

Oh boy, I smell some odor on this step. I better tell Mom so she can get me some treats for finding it!

Maybe I will work around the scent cone a bit so I can tell my mom exactly where the odor is located. She always likes it when I do that.

I always know when I am a good girl and deserve a treat or two. Here it was feeling like she might leave without feeding me which would be a terrible thing.

This purple play thing was a tough one for me. Mom had a feeling there was a hid on it, but I kept going somewhere else. This search was for my title, so we wanted to pass it.

Finally with not a lot of time to spare I located the elusive third hide and let my mom know about it. Great photographers capture these fun moments where I’m telling and waiting all at the same time.

I will wait patiently, but not for long. If mom is too slow, I will paw at the hide, so she tries to always get me my snacks in a timely manner. It sure was a fun search and it also got me my exterior excellent title that day. We are super lucky to have Caprise because she takes amazing photos of all the teams.