Have you heard of ZiwiPeak Dog-Dog Treats? Neither had we…until our own undercover #ChewyInfluencer was online and ordered us up a bag to review! She studied our choices for the month and made a decision. Did you know Chewy.com has some 18,000 products available and ready to ship! They also have awesome 24/7/365 customer service!

Bailie and I would also like to mention, if you haven’t heard, Chewy.com lost an awesome member of the #ChewyInfluencer team last Friday when Katie could no longer keep up the fight with her body. Katie was willing and able to test any products that came her way, and she did her best to provide honest reviews. She will be sorely missed by the My GBGV Life staff.

Now that Bailie is three, I’m letting her take on some more responsibilities with the blog. For a dog being three is similar to a human being eighteen, or twenty one – they should be grown up. Bailie wanted to do her review as an undercover agent, but don’t tell her, the sunglasses really blow her cover as they state Chewy.com right on the bow!

The package arrived with her order…we are not saying whose tail was wagging, but it sure looks like the tail of a three year old GBGV! We always love the fun stickers Chewy.com puts on their packages.

It was exciting getting some treats that are made in New Zealand. We look for made in the USA products, but with New Zealand we feel is just as safe. Bailie, being a scent hound could smell the goodness before the bag was even open!

Bailie was certain these ZiwiPeak Good-Dog Treats in the Venison Recipe would be really tasty. Being such a friendly girl, she was ready to share some with anyone who wanted to try them with her. Unfortunately for cat bro Bert, the door to the deck was closed and he couldn’t get out to try them.

Patience is something Bailie still needs to work on. She is real big on the immediate gratification. I can’t believe she actually stuck her tongue in the bag! Yuck, now the treats have cooties!

Bailie dumped some of the treats out onto the table. They are the perfect size for small dogs or for us as training treats! The meat is air dried New Zealand venison, there are no artificial preservatives, no colors, no salt, sugar, fillers or grain. Very healthy I would say!

Next up would be the actual taste test which the ZiwiPeak Good-Dog Treats passed with flying tongue colors!

After the sniffing and tasting, our undercover tester highly recommends you order some of these ZiwiPeak Venison Good-Dog Treats! While you are at Chewy.com ordering, why not look around and order your dog’s food, toys, and any other supplies? Shipping is free on all orders over $49! Be sure and check out all their new helpful videos, they are not only informative, they are super fun to watch!