Do you dogs glow when they walk? We hope you are ready for the darker time of year so you and your dog are seen when you are out and about walking in the dark. In two weeks we will be setting the clocks back, meaning evening walks will be dark. Right now we are glowing on our morning walks.

Our original glowing collars are starting to get tired out. Some don’t light up completely, and some the battery charge doesn’t hold very long. This is their fifth year and rechargeable batteries do wear out over time. We use them for walks as well as when we play in the yard in the dark. Our original set has small light bulb like lights in the collars. We got a couple more that don’t have the bulb look about two years ago as a gift. We like them better. You can see the difference in the photo.

Mom has been bummed because we have never found a purple one. We have all the colors, but no purple. Amazingly, last week Mom was surfing on Amazon, looking for new glow collars for all of us and she found a purple one! It was even on sale! Of course, she ordered purple, pink, orange and green so we all have our colors. It makes it easier to see who is where in the dark, especially if we are out running around in the yard. Getting the right color in a photo in the dark is not easy, so the red one is actually orange.

I’m ecstatic about my new purple collar. Mom had me pose with it so you all could see it. The photo looks more like an x-ray, but I’m super happy.

We can wear the new ones in the rain because they are waterproof, and, of course, they are rechargeable. Each one comes with its own USB charging cable. We love these collars as they can hang fairly loose on our necks and that means they are seen and not covered up by our furs. They are also made for all sizes of dogs. You simply cut them to the length you would like.

Lastly, now with the weather cooling off, I want to remind everyone to not forget your hat when you go out. Being French hounds, we naturally wear berets. Mom finally found us all berets in our colors, so we had to take a family photo. Have a fun and safe weekend! Get outside and enjoy the great outdoors!