We love fun photo opps, as you know, and we found some new ones on the weekend. We were down at the Rice County Fairgrounds for Scent Work and decided to take a couple of fun photos. This big metal dog is very friendly and pretty cute too.

Mom thinks this baby stroller and baby is just plain funny. I’m not really sure how I feel about it, but I am always happy to pose when asked. Humans probably will like this one more than we dogs do.

After metal, we switched to finding a couple of run red items for photos. Bailie likes the strawberry. It makes Mom want to eat strawberries. Either way, it is a fun, healthy piece of art.

Finally, I always love a good fire truck. With my black spots, I am kind of like a Dalmatian, right? I also love to ride in vehicles and the faster the better. This old guy was stationary, but I know if would go fast if need be.

My sisters and I are all trialing at pretty much the same level now, so there are not enough elements for us all to go to the same Scent work Trials. Madison stayed home Saturday, but she had fun with the pet sitter. Sunday all three of us got to go to the trial.

Hope you enjoyed our fun photo opps. We’ll be back tomorrow with the results of our Scent Work weekend.