Nelson and I have been having some frolicking fun in the April sun this week. It is way too warm, but we still chase and wrestle. Now and then we pause to contemplate our next strategies.

Nelson is in pretty good shape, but I am still faster…probably because I’m lighter on my paws. I love to be chased and he enjoys chasing me.

Holy moly, sometimes he actually captures me. Can you see the fear in my eyes? I feel like an antelope being grabbed by a lion here.

We have a lot of fun play wrestling. Once and a while I show off my shiny chompers, but they don’t scare Nelson one bit.

There is some fancy paw work involved too. Mom says we tangle so much she can’t tell what belongs to who sometimes.

Taking a short break can be a good thing. Nelson is busy strutting his stuff because he is in love. There is a new girl in town and she lives next to us. He is enamored with the four month old Leonberger. Mom says she will be too big for him in no time, but for now, he really likes to look handsome for her.

After a short break, we get back to our frolicking fun with more chasing. Nelson kind of has a sinister smile in the above shot, but I am not afraid!

And the chase leads to some more wrestling time. Did I mention we have been sleeping really well this week? The two of us are exhausted by dinnertime.

We can have fun in any season I guess. Uh oh, Mom is calling us to come inside. I better get a move on!