It’s the Friday Variety Show on the blog – Felines, Flowers, and a Hound? Everyone worries about cat bro Bert, but he is doing great living as in indoor/outdoor cat. He spends most of his time outside, his choice. When he is in the house, it is usually to eat, or for a really good nap. Mom finds him fun to photograph in the great outdoors, so let’s see what she captured. This first photo is our favorite.

Cat bro Bert enjoys napping in the hot sun, but then he will find a shady spot to cool off after a bit. Don’t worry, he drinks from the big, dog water bowl so he stays hydrated.

He’s been a partial outdoor kitty for a few months now, but he still has never strayed from our fenced yard. Even when the lawn people come and he is outside, he doesn’t run out the open gate. He does come down to the grass when we are out to see what we are up to. Sometimes he even initiates a race to the far end of the yard with us!

Mom says he looks like a wild animal cat in this photo. He does have a wild cat look to him, I must agree.

Moving on to flowers, well this isn’t a flower but it is a variety show, so we have this thing. There are a lot of them on the grass in the early mornings. We think they look so interesting.

Our snowball bushes, aka Hydrangeas, are starting to bloom. They look so ugly when they get started! We have weeds that look similar.

It doesn’t take long, and the beauty hits and we have a snowball bush that is gorgeous! Now we need some snow to cool things off. Our white bushes are the giant ones, so we have tons of snowballs.

We also have a small Hydrangea bush that puts out pretty pink flowers.

Didn’t we say a hound in the title of this post? Yes we sure did and we saved the hound for last. Look at these two silly sleepers! Mom had to get a shot of this!