Are you ready for some football comfort food? Being a dog, I can tell you, your dog is ready for sure! I wanted to get into my Viking’s new US Bank stadium to do my review, but no dogs are allowed, so I had to settle for a high school field. The sign said no dogs, no food, but I pretended I couldn’t read.

Lucky for me, Merrick sent me a case of Friday Night Lights Feast to try. I got my paws on it right away as I know if it is Merrick, it will be tasty!

Mom opened the can, and I was right on it! Manners flew off the field and I wanted to get a taste asap! Football isn’t exactly a formal event, so I think eating from the can is allowed.

Take a look at the feast! A dog can tell right away, it is a solid meal for those chilly nights watching football! You can see the sausage links, they are mixed with potatoes, and peas, all in a savory gravy! Yum for your #bestdogever!

There was no need for hesitation! I dove right in when my Friday Night Lights Feast was plated up.

If you would like my honest opinion of this food, I can tell you the flavor is definitely larger than life! Friday Night Lights Feast is a grain free seasonal recipe with Deboned Beef, Beef Broth, Beef Liver, Dried Potatoes, and Dried Peas as the first ingredients. Make sure and score your dog a stash while supplies last!

I know when my Vikings are playing, I will not only enjoy watching them win, I will do it while eating my feast in a can!

What are you waiting for? Get off the sideline and head out to the field to score some Friday Night Lights Feast for your dog and start watching some football together! Your dog deserves it!