We’re heading out on our final road trip of 2022. Mom and I have a master plan for my sports and one more trip this year is a part of it. Our travels will take us past Whoville, over Mount Crumpit, and down to our camp. Mom says the trip itself won’t be anything spectacular, but the destination will be quite interesting.

As you can see, I’ve loaded the luggage on our sleigh. Max has been called and is ready to roll. Being almost Christmas, I’ve taken the time for festive decorations on the travel sleigh. It’s a long trip, so I’ve brought my book to keep myself busy on the ride. Hopefully the weather will be good for traveling and for trialing. I can sniff in any weather, but the humans don’t like it too cold, rainy, or snowy.

Off we go on our sniffing adventure! I’m sure we will post along the way on our social media channels. Wish us well on our final road trip of 2022. Getting one last trip in for the year is awesome as we love to travel…except for Bailie who gets to stay home.