Family FastCAT was a lot of fun for all of us last month on our quick, little, Iowa road trip. Olivia seems to take the funniest photos. She looks short when she runs and her ears go all wild.

We purchased these photos from Pics by Kim for our own personal use, they were not taken by us.

Bailie was enjoying her runs after the lure. The girl can really fly when she wants to.

I love getting up close to the lure. Most of the time I run on the side of the track. See how close I am to the lure, I just want to get it!

Mom always is at the finish line to catch us at the end of our run, so someone else releases us at the start line. Olivia is right on it as soon as she is released.

The photographer positioned herself on the side of the track to get some different angles of us running. In my photo, I am all stretched out long as I cruise down the track.

Bailie chases stuff blowing down the street all the time, so it is no wonder she enjoys chasing the lure on the track. She needs to do a few more runs so she can get more speed going.

We saved the best photo from our family FastCAT for last. Is it a dog, or a rabbit? That Olivia and her long ears can sure look funny when she runs fast! We are sure thankful to have some fun photos from our little trip.