We’ve got that fall feeling in the furs around here. You’ve seen Olivia and Bailie playing with Nelson, today I hung out with him for a bit in the yard. We enjoyed a bit of sniffing together. The temps are in the 50’s and it feels so good to us!

Nelson is always up for some rough housing but I don’t care to participate. My sisters love to wrestle and chase, but I am not interested. Nelson gave it his best, but I didn’t come around.

It’s Nelson’s first fall which means first leaves on the ground too. Yesterday he tried rolling on the ground in a few leaves to see if it really feels good like I always say.

I think he likes it, don’t you? Wait until Mom rakes up a pile of leaves for us to play in. That is going to be fun!

It seems to me that he is a bit disoriented after all that rolling around, but he sure does look happy!

You know me, I love to roll around in the grass any time of the year. It is nature’s back scratcher.

Oh boy, it feels sooo good! I think I need more leaves but they will come soon enough.

Ahhh, I feel so much better now after getting a good back scratching. Mom doesn’t scratch my back enough I guess.

Now it is time to hop off and show you all some colored trees Nelson and I saw on one of our recent walks.

This tree is fun because it is multi-colored. I think it will eventually be all red.

Mom likes this orange tree, but she loves the sky background with it the most.

Finally we have our favorite, a nice red tree. The colored trees really bring out that fall feeling! We hope you enjoyed a bit of fall with us! Have a fun weekend!