Today I’m dreaming about my first three years of life. It’s day three of my birthday week. I’m starting on the day my Mom and sisters picked me up which was also the day I turned nine weeks old. There are lots of good and fun memories. Turning three means I’m supposed to be grown up, but don’t worry, I still have plenty of puppy left in me!

I’ve enjoyed running around like a fool since I could run I guess. This was me running around the yard at my breeder, before I knew my new family really wanted me to come over and meet them. I was nine weeks old here.

This is an expression my mom says I still use a lot. I don’t even know I do it, but I guess I do. She says I’m an expert at using my eyes to convey my feelings about a situation. My long floppy ears help too I think.

Everyone knows I have my jumbo pillow paws. I use my paws a lot, much more than my sisters use there paws. One thing I love to do is to put my paw around others. “Look out Madison! Incoming jumbo pillow paws!” This photo is an example of me doing this when I was around three months old.

Mom did photos of me every month my first year of life. Here I am at six months old. My ears are a bit lighter in color, but otherwise I look pretty much the same I think.

My first birthday photos were pretty cute and I had a pretty party hat Mom ordered special for me. Now I am dreaming about what my party hat will look like each year.

Here I am turning two. I got to help pick my hat when I turned two. The fuzzy orange stuff is super cute.