I’ve been to a dog friendly Scheels sporting goods store in Sioux Falls, SD, but this weekend was my first trip to our local one in Eden Prairie. Mom wanted to finally go there and see what it was like. We called ahead to make sure they allow dogs and they certainly do. There were several other dogs there shopping when we were there. As with all their stores, they have some bronze statues of famous people out front. When I was near door 1, I took a photo with this baseball player. I don’t know who he is, but he was friendly with me.

The Scheels in Grand Forks, ND has four presidents outside on benches. Mom is bummed that our local Scheels has the same four guys out front. Olivia and Madison took photos of them last summer when they were in North Dakota. Nevertheless, I did enjoy sitting with good old Abe Lincoln for a photo.

Mom and I both agree the best thing in our Scheels store is in the entry way. It is a whimsical statue of Paul Bunyan and his ox, Babe. My sisters have seen the two up north, but now I can say I know them too. They are really funny, and Paul has a name tag on his plaid shirt which reads Scheels, with his name Paul Bunyan.

Right inside the doors by the check out lines they have a huge aquarium. It is in the shape of an “E” lying on its side. I am posing by one of the three posts holding up the letter “E”. They have lots of really pretty, bright colored fish swimming around in there but with all the colors it is hard to see them in the photo. There is a bright yellow one close to the top on the right side of this photo.

My mom told me I needed to learn about a game called PACMAN. Honestly, I found it a bit silly, but she says it is a very famous and popular video game. She doesn’t really like video games but still finds this one fun. The silly little creatures race around the tracks eating things. It kind of reminds me of Olivia’s eating habits, LOL!

On Saturdays, the store is super busy, so taking photos is a challenge. Our last stop which wasn’t packed with people was the Herb Brooks display. Minnesota is the state of hockey, and he is a legend. He was a hockey player and in 1980, the head coach of the gold medal-winning U.S. Olympic hockey team at Lake Placid. Mom met him when she worked at a country club in college. He was a nice man, but sadly was killed in a car crash in 2003. Behind Herb, you can see the top of the indoor ferris wheel.

My Scheels tour for you today is done. We will go back again on a more quiet day. It’s fun to find dog friendly places to visit!