What’s in your dog food pyramid? Two months ago we added Bravo® Canine Cafe™ Dinners to our rotation diet and are loving it!  I introduced you to these tasty dinners back in March, and last month I talked about the Fricassee dinners. In my prior posts, I didn’t have the chicken recipes, but I have since received and tried them. Today I will be talking about the chicken dinners and summing up what my sisters and I like about Bravo Canine Cafe Dinners.

Bravo has their slogan “make good happen®” for good reason! Bravo is a family owned business located in Connecticut. They were pioneers in raw pet food in 2002, when then introduced their Bravo Blends Line. Today they offer over 125 different dog and cat products, all made from the finest, most nutritious ingredients such as antibiotic-free poultry, responsibly harvested  fish and select cuts of meat. All the foods are processed following strict food safety guidelines! Bravo has been expanding their varieties to help more pet parents give their pets the very best, without sacrificing quality!

I had a case of the Canine Cafe Chicken & Liver Dinner and a case of the Chicken Fricassee delivered last month. I do like chicken a lot, and was eager to give this food a try! As with the other varieties, the chicken dinners and fricassees are 100% nutritionally complete, are grain and gluten free, and have chicken as the number one ingredient.

The chicken isn’t much different in looks from the other varieties I already had tried. The Chicken & Liver Dinner is a soft, ground wet food, and the Fricassee is in a nice gravy. As demonstrated, both recipes are tasty enough to eat right out of the can!

My sisters and I have all been eating the Bravo Canine Cafe Dinners for the past two months, but each of us has a different or favorite way of eating them. We’ve had a lot of food to go through, but it hasn’t been a problem for us at all!

Katie has benefited quite a bit from the Canine Cafe Dinners, especially the Fricassees. These days she doesn’t have much of an appetite and has been losing weight. We have started decreasing her kibble and adding more of the Fricassee to her bowl of kibble to try to get her to eat more and it has worked fairly well. She enjoys the gravy and the dry food soaking up some of the gravy as well. Once and a while, we let her eat right out of the can, just to get her to eat. She likes all three varieties equally. Katie does enjoy the meat and poultry dinners too, but prefers Fricassee.

As for me, I love them all. I could eat this food all day every day! I’m a pretty picky eater, but I don’t pick at Bravo Canine Cafe at all! Mom says I’m a sorter. I like to pick stuff out of my bowl and put it on the floor for later, and don’t like things mixed into my kibble. This being said, I like a nice, big dollop of Bravo Canine Cafe on top of my kibble. I enjoy the Fricassee varieties, but I prefer the dinners so it doesn’t mess up my kibble! I also take pills sometimes. The dinners make it super simple as Mom puts the pill in the middle of the dollop, and folds it over the pill. I wolf it right down.

Bailie is our most “dog like” dog. She loves to eat, and eats pretty much anything. Bailie also loves food puzzles and her Kongs and stuffed bone. She gets some Canine Cafe with her kibble at mealtime, but her favorite way to eat all the Canine Cafe varieties is stuffed in her Kong or bone, room temperature, or frozen. The Kongs with Fricassee in them have to be frozen, the dinners do not. If Mom knows Bailie will be getting a Kong or stuffed bone, she simply cuts back on Bailie’s mealtime portion and gives her the stuffed item. Bailie cleans those babies out like they went through the dishwasher. You can see in the photo how much she enjoys helping out with the stuffing part too!

Bravo also has a a line of Feline Cafe™ Dinners! Someone needs to tell cat bro Bert about this! The food is so good, we constantly find him stealing from the cans we have opened for us dogs!

Now for the best news of all! Bravo has once again graciously offered to give one lucky winner a case of Bravo Canine Cafe Dinners, the variety of the winner’s choice! Why not enhance your own dog food pyramid? I’m sure your dog would love any of these delicious meals! To enter, simply fill out the giveaway widget below, or click here if there is a problem with the widget.