I’m loving my new reversible dog comforter from Territory™! Humans love comforters, so why wouldn’t dogs love them too? After trying out my new comforter, I came up with my top 9 reasons why I love it so much.

1. Allergy Free Dog Comforter

My sisters and I don’t have any allergies, but we have a lot of friends with allergies! The Territory comforter is made from 100% polyester and is allergy free! The comforter is a good size for most dogs being 30″x40″. I have plenty of room to stretch out.

2. Pretty Bright Colors

You may know, at my house, we love bright colors. The reversible dog comforter comes in bright orange or bright blue with grey on the other side. I chose the orange as it looks best with my furs. The soft fabric is 100% Polyester with a polyurethane coating, and is waterproof.

3. Reversible Dog Comforter

Did I mention it is reversible. If you are feeling mellow and want quiet, simple choose the grey side, but to liven things up choose the colored side. Both sides are equally comfy!

4. Comfort On Hard Surfaces

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to lie down on a soft surface. My new comforter is just perfect for placing on wood or other hard floors. If you are one of those real picky types like a Ridgeback or Greyhound, it is real easy to carry along for use anywhere you may want to lie down on your travels.

5. Great For The Outdoors

Whether your dog wants to hang out on the deck, go camping, or be on wet grass, the dog comforter is ideal! Not only is it reversible if one side gets dirty, but it is water resistant. Your furs will stay dry while you lounge on any outdoor surface in comfort. The comforter can be rolled up if you like, to fit in a backpack or bag.

6. Kennel Comfort

Most dogs have their own kennel, but how can you make the kennel more comfy? Put your reversible, water resistant comforter in the kennel! Mine fits perfectly when I fold it in half.

7. Protect The Furniture

If your dog likes to lie on your bed or sit on your couch, you know with time, the surface of the furniture fabric will need cleaning. Not a problem with the Territory dog comforter . Your dog will love to lie on her own comforter on the furniture! Your furniture will stay nice and clean too! We might even use this for the spot my cats lie on because they are ruining Mom’s comforter with their furs and fur oil.

8. The Car

My new reversible comforter is just the right size for my car! In the cooler seasons, I like to have a blanket to sit on when I ride in the car. Now when winter hits, I have my dog comforter . It will keep me warm, and keep any dirt off the seat/cargo cover. It’s easier to wash a quilt than the seat cover!

9. Machine Wash And Dry

Besides the cozy factor, I love that my comforter is washable and dryable. When my quilt gets soiled, I can simple stick it in the washer and dryer and it will be good as new! It is so practical so many levels!

Territory is a fun company. They have all sorts of products, leashes, beds, blankets, toys, bandanas, and more for your dog. Their products are all washable, and are designed to last! Dogs are number one at Territory! You can find Territory on social media on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Territory has offered to let me giveaway one Reversible Dog Comforter to one lucky winner in the color of their choice! All you have to do is enter through the giveaway widget below! If the widget is misbehaving, you can click here to go right to it.