Decking the halls is a family affair at our house. I’m the hound in charge because I am small, and I am kind of an elf at heart. I love seeing what is in all our boxes when we bring them upstairs and it is fun to decorate the tree.

This is Nelson’s first Christmas, so it is extra special for him. Mom ordered him his own bone stocking in green from our favorite place.  We do have an assortment of stockings to choose from too, but Nelson is using the new one this year.

Mom has to hang the stockings with care because we are all too short. She forgot the hanger thing we have has five hooks. How perfect is that? They look great hanging off the mantle, waiting for Christmas.

Olivia likes to sniff around the ornament box when she helps out with decking the halls in our house. The fragile ones are nicely wrapped to keep them from breaking.

Bailie isn’t very into helping us get the house decorated. She wants to hang the jumbo ornament on the tree, but it is for outdoors. Mom says it needs to go outside, not on our small indoor tree.

This red ornament is one of my favorites and it matches my Santa hat nicely too.

Olivia also loves the presents part of Christmas. She thinks this box if for her for some reason. This year we won’t put presents under the tree because Nelson will get them. We can’t use a nice tree skirt either, but these are normal things we do when there is a new puppy in the house.

Decorating is a lot of work, and taking it all down again is even more work. We do it yearly, so we are used to it, but elf Nelson didn’t hold up too well. He does make a cute elf asleep on the job and it keeps him out of trouble.