Yesterday we had the second day trip up north of the week. Sunday was Nelson’s nose work trial, and yesterday it was for me to have a private nose work lesson. My instructor rented the school in Barnum so we could search there. Mom and I had a great time and learned a lot. On the way out of town, we made a few fun stops we will share with you.

As with our trip on Sunday, we had to get up super early, 4 am to be exact. Nelson was not thrilled because it was not his day. I could not wait to get up and get moving. Nose work is my favorite thing and I was excited to play the game for a couple hours. As we sat in the window waiting for Mom to take us out, Nelson fell asleep. I could not sleep.

There is nothing happening in Barnum, but we drove through Moose Lake on the way home and found some fun stuff. This is Moosehead Lake. It is a pretty lake and during the week, it is very quiet.

We also found a Moose Lake sign that is kind of nice. The donation box next to it is a bit odd, but it is small town Minnesota, what can one expect?

How about a big, patriotic, black bear? This guy is very friendly, so we were not scared. Aren’t the paws cool looking?

One restaurant has this mural painted on the parking lot side. It could use some touch up, but still is fun to see. We were only about half an hour from Duluth. Mom really wanted to take us up there, but she had to come back home and work. Maybe another time we can go up there and see Lake Superior.

Finally, we leave you with this adorable Moose Lake moose. I guess it doesn’t matter where you go, if you look, you might find some interesting things and fun photo opps! My lesson was super fun, but it wore me out and I slept a lot on the way home. Hopefully we can do up there and take another lesson in a month or so.