We’re all thankful for comfy spots to rest. We have all kinds of beds in different places around the house. Are the beds the most important thing, or the location? I, Olivia, like this bed next to the kitchen. Here I can relax and keep an eye on what Mom is doing and grab anything that might fall on the floor if I see it land.

Nelson is the odd man out. First this is true because he is the only boy dog, but he also isn’t into beds right now. He seems to prefer sleeping on hard surfaces. Even at night he jumps out of bed and sleeps on the tile in the bathroom. We think it is cooler for him and hopefully he will find comfy bed spots again after summer leaves.

The other boy in the house can’t get enough of comfy beds. Bailie and him fight over her bed every day. The one next to hers is usually open, so he finally will settle there. We have no doubt he is completely comfy!

Madison chooses to sleep in the living room on the dog couch lately. Normally we all sleep by Mom in the office when she is working during the day, but Madison has moved to the other room. She may come back too at some point.

Bailie is the silliest about comfy spots of all. She is protective of her bed and she spends almost the entire day in her bed. The funny thing is that it is big, but she still chooses to hang over the edge. How can this be comfy? Really, Bailie?

Finally, the most common way to find me being comfy is in the wicker kennel, but as my nap progresses, I start to spill out of it. This is the view Mom gets to see most often.

Comfy beds are great, but it doesn’t mean you have to be 100% in or on that bed to call it one of the comfy spots in the house.