Coloring Easter eggs can be a real mess if Olivia is involved. The more we try to get her involved in kitchen type things, the more we realize it might not be her thing! Thankfully, the panic over eggs seems to be over, so we once again have eggs at our house.

For the first time ever, Mom thought we could try doing our work outside. Thankfully we did, because right after we got all set up, Miss Olivia spilled the orange color all over the table and the deck! She is rather clumsy with her big feet.

Speaking of feet, she also managed to get orange all over her left front paw. It was so bright out, you can barely see it, but she had orange paw highlights for a while.

I think she felt bad about the accident. See how she is shrinking down to my size for the photo of us after the spill? She said she didn’t want to color eggs anymore.

I love to color eggs, so I was ready to do it all myself. Olivia didn’t even want to wear her rabbit ears and decided to simply watch what I was doing. Having done this several times before, I know how to put the eggs into the color, wait, then take them out.

We have a box of ninety eggs, but Mom said we only needed to color thirty. Let’s see…five colors, thirty eggs, I need to color six eggs of each color.

Under Olivia’s careful eyes, I managed to get the eggs colored. Can you see I’m kind of over it all. It is supposed to be a fun team project, but I ended up doing all the work this year.

Olivia was insisted on trying to eat them! This did not make me happy. I guess she is young, and coloring Easter eggs is not really her thing. She sure does love eating eggs, though! We are super thankful we have so many eggs. No, we are not hoarding eggs. My sisters and I get them mixed into our food and we go through several dozen each week. Mom has been buying eggs in a case for over a year now.