I got a clean bill of health at the vet yesterday. This year, Mom is taking us one at a time, one a month for our yearly check ups. It is a lot of work taking all of us anywhere, so she thought one at a time might be nice. Nelson went the beginning of May, and I went the end of May.

We are back at the Inver Grove Heights Animal Hospital. We tried a different clinic for two years, but Mom didn’t think the doctors were very good. This clinic is really good, but a bit of a drive. The drive is worth it for our health. I was hoping we were going to go do something fun, so it was a bummer when I found out I was headed to the vet.

The scale is in the lobby. I had to wait my turn to get my weight taken. I’m a healthy forty two pounds.

Next I went to the exam room where I became like Velcro on my mom. I get really scared at the vet. To be safe, I sat on the chairs and let Mom stand. She says we did that backwards. Because I’m scared I pant a lot.

After the tech took all my information down, we waited for the vet. I could hear people outside the door, but it took some time until my vet came to the room.

Finally my vet arrived. She checked me over, listened to my heart, checked my joints, looked in my eyes, ears, and mouth. After all that, she gave me my clean bill of health. We figured nothing was wrong with me, but one never knows. It is very important to get checked over at least once a year. Before leaving I got two shots and now I am good on those for three years. When I got home I took a nice nap as the stress makes me really tired. Madison will be going in for her check up in July.