Santa did not disappoint us on Christmas morning. We popped down from our beds to find our stockings on the floor with gifts. The cookies and milk we left for Santa, and the reindeer treats were all gone. Well, Santa did leave some crumbs but that was it! Mom has taught us to open gifts one hound at a time starting from oldest to youngest so we can all see what each other gets.

Bailie is the first to check it all out. Santa seems to have left stuff in the stocking but the bag of treats is too big so it is lying under her stocking.

Talk about yum! Bailie got a huge bag of single ingredient beef lung treats! The best news is that we always share treats, so we kind of all got her treats.

Oh my dog! Bailie got a collar with Winnie the Pooh characters on it! We begged Mom to find us some Disney type collars but she said they don’t have such things. Leave it to the big guy in the red suit to find some! The brown will look great with Bailie’s furs and the characters are all sweet like she is.

I get to open my gifts next. It looks like I have too big of a present to fit in my stocking too. Santa left me single ingredient Lamb Lung treats, one of my very favorites!

Let’s see what is inside my stocking. I really am hoping it is a Disney collar.

Nooo way (I’m screaming in excitement)! It is a Disney collar, just the one I really want! I so wanted one with Mickey Mouse and his pals. This is so amazing!

This collar will be so cute with my fur colors too. I can’t wait to put it on and show it off to all my friends. How cool I will be. Thank you so much Santa! Boy is he good or what?

Poor Olivia had to wait until the last on Christmas morning but I think the wait will be worth it. It looks like she too has treats that don’t fit into her stocking. She is giving them the special Olivia sniff test.

Can anyone tell she is loving the jerky? There is a bag of pork and one of chicken, also both single ingredient treats.

Olivia asked Mom for a cartoon collar but as she told me, she couldn’t find any for sale in Orlando. Santa came through with the ideal collar for Olivia.

Isn’t her collar adorable and totally Olivia with the bright colors and Sesame Street characters?

We are all going to be the most fashionable hounds around town with our super cool collars and we will have happy tummies with all the new, healthy treats! A howling thank you to Santa, you are the best!