May is Chip Your Pet Month. One might think most pets have microchips these days, but that is really not the case. Just having a chip isn’t always enough either.

There are different companies that make and support microchips. We go with the one our veterinarian uses and that happens to be AKC Reunite. Mom paid to have us chipped, and then we registered our chips with their service. We use the free service, but if you want something more fancy, you can upgrade and pay a yearly fee.

Of course, getting chipped is just one part of a chip helping a lost pet be found. The other super important part is making sure all your information is up to date. It would be tragic if your lost pet was found only to find out the address and phone numbers on file were no longer current. If you move or change phone numbers remember to update your chip provider with your new details.

AKC Reunite is the largest pet recovery service. We are not receiving anything for talking about them, but Mom likes them. Emma and Katie had different chip servicers, but Mom didn’t like them as much. We all wear out ID tag, but we also have a chip tag. Sure, someone can find out we have a chip using a reader, but it is another step of security to have a tag with our information. The reverse side has our name, chip number, and AKC Reunite phone number.

Mom loves the variety of chip tags there are to choose from. We all have the same tag, just in our own color. She also orders a silencer for us to keep the edges from clanking around. The super cool thing is that they glow in the dark too!

It doesn’t matter what kind of chip your pet has, they simply need a chip. Being Chip Your Pet Month, you should make sure your pet’s chip is working correctly, and that your information is up to date. A pet can never have too much ID, right?

A happy pet is a chipped pet because their chances of being found should they get lost are so much better! They can have your people call my people!

PS: Thank you to Zoolatry for creating the badge.