I have some trouble at my house, but thanks to Vimtag, the suspect has been caught on camera! (The above shot is a still shot from the Vimtag camera.) My little sister Bailie has been shredding my beds and causing Mom’s bed pillows to explode for quite some time now. Finally we have some actual footage of how she goes about her crimes.

In case you missed it, I put out a lot of information about the Vimtag camera in my post last week. Vimtag works as long as it has internet access, is easy to set up, and can be used remotely from any device that is also online. Remember to change your passwords when you are completing the set up to keep evil ones from hacking into your system.

I love my beds, and I have several around the house I can sleep in. Unfortunately, Bailie has taken to shredding my beds when Mom is not home. This was my very favorite bed for the past three years, but as you can see, it is so destroyed, we had to throw it out. Mom always buys two of every bed, so if you see one intact that was previously in pieces, it is the second, back up bed. I put my paw down on having my beds destroyed. I wanted Bailie caught on camera in the midst of her crimes.

In my post last week I got my camera all set up and started using it to capture some footage of various criminals in my own home. Today I’m setting up the Vimtag in the hopes of capturing Bailie ripping up my beds. We are almost out of beds, so this needs to come to an end.

In my part 2 video I want to show you all a few different features of the camera, as well as the naughty girl caught with her “teeth in my dog bed”. As with the part 1 video, we had to edit out a lot of footage to get it down to a reasonable length. Unfortunately, the ottoman does block a lot of the destructive mess, but Bailie’s behavior tells the story on its own.

  1. The Vimtag can be operated remotely. One helpful feature is panning. If you are away  from home and want to catch an area you are not seeing on your screen, you can rotate the Vimtag left, right, up, and down.
  2. A two way microphone makes it possible for you to hear what is going on at home and you can also talk to those at home. We wanted to see what happens when Mom talked to Bailie in the midst of her crime spree.
  3. Lastly, Mom wanted to know when Bailie was so destructive. Was it right away, or after being home for a while and then getting bored?

***Tip: if you use the microphone feature, you may want to be in a private place. Mom was talking and yelling at Bailie using the microphone on her phone, but she was at the office and people were looking at her as if she was a crazy person.

What we learned is Bailie commits her crimes always within the first ten to sixty minutes after Mom leaves. Bailie does not eat the stuffing, but spits it out, this was good news. We also learned, as we already pretty much knew, Bailie doesn’t care about getting in trouble. She does listen when Mom talks, but it is not enough to cause her to stop her behavior. Bailie is simply having a really fun time whenever she gets busy shredding!

Now with Bailie and her crimes caught on camera, Mom knows how really naughty Bailie is. In the second half of the video, it appears Bailie is putting the bed away again, so she doesn’t get caught! We think this is a great tool for understanding behavior, and hopefully fixing it. How we can get Bailie to stop destroying beds and pillows is still in the planning. Would you use a Vimtag to monitor your pets when you are away? It would also be useful for keeping an eye on young kids, or the elderly.