Think Pink For A Birthday Cake At The Bakery

It’s time to think pink when the pink girl goes shopping for her birthday cake. I’m turning seven and I must have a good dessert for my party. Usually we keep things secret, but I will tell you I’m having a cake and it will be pink. We were going to order two small cakes […]

Do You Know What is In Your Hometown?

Do you know what is in your hometown? We figured out that we do not! Mom never goes into the town we live in. We’re on the far northern edge and have no reason to visit downtown…until now. Lakeville was on the news the other night and Mom almost fell out of bed when she […]

Our Life With A Cranky Old Man Cat Named Bert

Our life with a cranky old man cat named Bert is not always easy. A little over a year ago when he was losing all his fur, no one believed how old he was. Something happened the months following that time because he suddenly became really old. He is also a lot more cranky than […]

Thankful Thoughts On A Thursday

We are sharing our thankful thoughts today because it is important to always be thankful for something. Even on the worst of days we should always find a reason to be thankful. Being thankful is good for the heart. For our post we each got to pick one thing we are very thankful for. Each […]

Have You Seen Crazy Eyes Olivia?

Awww, have you seen crazy eyes Olivia? We just got photos from our FastCAT a couple weeks ago. Mom has lots of photos of us, but mainly she wanted photos of Nelson. She could not avoid looking at my gallery as well, and she bought these two photos of me with my crazed look. I’m […]

The Evening Wild Pants Are Coming Out

The evening wild pants are starting to come out now that it gets dark later. Mom isn’t all that happy as we get totally wound up right before we are supposed to go to bed, but she doesn’t have the heart to stop our fun. Nelson and I chase and wrestle non-stop until Mom forces […]

I’m Thankful For Good Canine Sports Medicine

I’m thankful for good canine sports medicine! Back in January I went outside before bed and when I came back in I was limping. My limp didn’t go away, so I went to the vet who could find nothing wrong. For two weeks I took some pain pills but my limp kept coming back. Mom […]

There Is A New Elite Dog In Town Since Saturday!

There is a new Elite Dog in town, and right here in our house! Mom and I had a local NW3 nose work trial last Saturday. The weather was cold, with snow and ice, but we still were excited to get out and compete again. Our team has been doing a lot better lately. Amazingly, […]

Olivia’s Road To Her Elite Champion Title

I earned my Elite Champion Title in NACSW Nose Work in Wilson, NC. Mom realized I am extremely talented in nose work when I earned my NW3 Titles. Our instructor told us to make sure we enjoyed Elite because it would pass by fast, so we formulated a plan that only we knew about…just in […]

We’re Thankful For Chris At Speedy Wrecker Service

We are thankful for Speedy Wrecker Service in West Virginia. We have no road trip regrets, but this trip was full of trouble. Day one we hit a snow storm, and then a closed interstate. Day two was even worse. Mom rented a car because she thought it would be a good idea but we […]