Our Crazy Weekend Wrap Up

We had one crazy weekend! It was three days long, full of variety, and not too many high points. There were a few good things, so we thought we would share our weekend with you all. It began with my first Elite Nose Work Trial on Friday. Bailie, Olivia, and Nelson all stayed home alone […]

Fun Times For The Girls At The Kiski School – All Boys School

We headed out to The Kiski School in Pennsylvania last Thursday morning for Olivia’s Summit Trial. Even though it is an all boys boarding school, we girls got to go along and stay on campus in a real dorm room. Nelson liked it there and said he might want to go to the school when […]

A Top Ten Birthday Party For Turning Ten Years Old!

I had an early but still top ten birthday party to celebrate turning ten! My family was out East on my birthday, so we celebrated before my special day. Mom bought me a special snack for my pet sitter to give me on my birthday. Yes, I am spoiled, but Mom says life is short, […]

Birthdays Past – A Quick Look Back

Today I’m looking at my birthdays past. Things have changed each year, hats, parties, my looks, just to name a few items. Come along with me as I go back to my first to ninth birthdays. Who is this little cutie pie? Is that really me who turned one? What in the world was I […]

Life Outdoors With The Old Man Cat

The old man cat, aka, cat bro Bert is back to going outside. He only goes out on dry days and prefers those days that are sunny and warm. As always, he thinks he is a dog and he enjoys hanging out with any of us that are outside with him. This year, he has […]

Double Titles For Nelson At The Rice County Fairgrounds

It’s double titles for me last weekend! Mom says I’m on a roll and she is loving it. Madison hasn’t gotten into any trials and Olivia is kind of in between things right now, so it is all me in the spotlight. I think I am loving this and Mom is too! Sunday morning I […]

It’s A Funtastic Family Friday At Our House

It’s a funtastic family Friday at our house. Nothing really special is going on, just lots of miscellaneous things. First of all, today is Cinco de Mayo! If you want to celebrate with your pup, I have a great barkarita recipe from a few years back. We finally have had some spring around here. Nelson […]

Olivia’s Travel Fun While She Was Three Years Old

Trials were all about travel fun this past year. Mom took our trainer’s advice, We went all over the country looking for trials in fun locations both new or places we have already been. It is interesting to see and smell new spots, and the humans have a great time checking out new places as […]

Three – A Big Year For Big Sports Titles For Olivia

Being three meant a big year for big sports titles! I love doing my sports and some big titles were on the line and I captured them. Mom decided to step on the accelerator and we went to town to get a couple very nice titles. FastCAT is one of my favorite things to do. […]

We Are In The Seriously Deep Snow Now!

We are in the seriously deep snow now! We got about eighteen inches of beautiful fresh powder in forty eight hours from Tuesday to Thursday. It was a two part storm with about six inches the first wave and twelve the second. Now we have a lot of work to do as all our trails […]