Hey, There’s A Really Big Ladybug On The Road

Hey! There’s a giant ladybug on the street in the midst of a residential area in Hopkins! Gramma told us about it, so we had to go and see it for ourselves. The guy who put it here does have a permit from the city to do so. He spent a day back in June […]

Bailie At The Hopkins Raspberry Festival

Saturday, Mom and I went to the Hopkins Raspberry Festival. It is the eighty ninth year, but Mom has never gone, despite growing up just a few miles from it. I’m the best dog to bring to events like these because I’m big enough that no one will step on me. Being polite with other […]

Buried Hides – No Problem For Nelson

Buried hides? Not a problem for me, Mr. Nelson! I struggled with them back at the trial in January. The past week Mom practiced with me a couple times out in the  yard and I got the concept. To earn my overall Advanced Scent Work Title, I needed to pass both buried hide searches on […]

A Very Successful Sniffing Weekend For Nelson

It was a very successful sniffing weekend for me! Mom took Madison, Olivia, and me to a local AKC Scent Work Trial at Camp Phillippo. We all set goals to meet and it is quite rare that we achieve them all. This weekend, Olivia and I hit our goals, it just wasn’t the weekend for […]

Congratulations Nelson, Our Nose Work Rock Star!

It’s me, Nelson, the nose work rock star according to my family! Sunday, I did my first NACSW Nose Work Trial. You may recall I passed my Odor Recognition Tests last fall, so as soon as I turned one I could start entering trials. Mom says it is not always what you do, but how […]

10 Reasons We Love Wintertime At Our House

We love wintertime at our house. As a matter of fact, it is our favorite season, especially when it is like this year – cold and loads of snow. So what makes us love it so much besides its beauty? Read on to see ten of the reasons we have selected to share today. One […]

A Visit To The Snow Sculptures At Vulcan Snow Park

Mom and I headed out to the Vulcan Snow Park Saturday morning to take a look at some snow sculptures. It is the Saint Paul Winter Carnival and they have all kinds of events like snow carving, ice carving, parades, and much more. We are not interested in the events for the most part, but […]

Olivia’s Snifftastic 2022 Full of Sports And Travel

I had a positively, snifftastic 2022! It is a bummer the year is coming to an end, but maybe 2023 will be even better. Shaun Rossman captured this photo of me sniffing at a trial last month. Mom and I love it! I’m looking for the hide on this big smoker machine thing. I found […]

Throwback Thursday To Puppy First Christmases

Puppy first Christmases are a special time. We learn about trees in the house, stockings, the nice list, and usually get to meet Santa Claus for the first time. We thought it would be fun to look back as Katie, Emma, Bailie, Madison, and Olivia to see what they looked like their first Christmases. This […]

It’s Time To Email Santa Our Letters For 2022

It’s time to email Santa our letters. Every year we send our letters to the North Pole, but this year Nelson suggested we email Santa instead. Kids these days with their technology! I guess Santa put his email in Nelson’s phone when they met. Why not give it a try? Since we are running a […]