Baby Steps In Elite For Team Pink

It’s baby steps in Elite for Team Pink. Olivia and I are completely opposite in nose work, so Mom and I need to find our own groove. It is going to be a slow process, but we are not quitters and don’t intend to give up. I love sniffing and we will get better and […]

Madison’s Yearly Vet Visit Check Up

Yesterday I had my yearly vet visit check up. We girls dread going to the vet as we get all scared. See my panting in my photo and what you don’t see is my quivering. It’s a scary place. Well, actually, Nelson doesn’t mind going to the vet at all. He seems to have no […]

Woo Hoo – Nelson Earned His NW2

Woo Hoo! I earned my NW2 and broke a family record too! But first, I have to tell you we got up at 3:30 am to drive up north to Brainerd for my nose work trial. Let me tell you, that is early. Before arriving at our destination, we stopped and saw Paul Bunyan. Remember […]

The Smoke Cleared, Sun Set, Race Is on!

The smoke cleared. The sun set. The race is on! These days evenings are the only time to play in the yard. Many nights, the smoke from Canada doesn’t go away, so we don’t do much but the other night, it cleared. Nelson was immediately in the market for some fun, surveying his domain for […]

Friday Fun And Flowers

Welcome to Friday fun and flowers. The past week has been so hot and humid out, we haven’t been able to do much. Nelson and I have been hanging out a lot. Here we are after a bit of wrestling. See our tongues hanging out from the heat? Mine hangs straight, Nelson’s always hangs out […]

Signs Of Springtime Are All Around Us

The signs of springtime are all around us right now. It seems like overnight, after some rain and stormy weather, the sun came out and the outdoors exploded into spring. Since we are now confident there will be no more frost or snow, Mom decided to plant some flowers in our pots. We always put […]

Happy Mothers Day 2023 To Our Mom

Happy Mothers Day 2023 to our mom! Mom has plans with some of us this weekend, so we celebrated early at our house. Saturday was Dog Mom’s Day, so why not celebrate all weekend. We each got her a present that we thought she would like. She loves our gifts, but her favorite thing is […]

It’s Yearly Exam Time And Nelson Is First

It’s yearly exam time and off to the vet I went. Getting a yearly check up is important to make sure your dog is healthy and to keep up on immunizations. Since our life span is shorter than a human, one year is more like several human years. A lot can happen in a year. […]

What Happened In Waterloo One Year Ago Today?

What happened in Waterloo, Iowa one year ago today? I met my mom and went to my new home in Minnesota. It’s my one year Gotcha Day! Last year I left my dog parents and siblings with just this bunny blanket and my lambie that smelled like my family and moved north. It was a […]

Rolling In Springtime With Madison

I’m rolling in springtime here in our backyard. Last week was sunny and in the eighties, so the grass was a bit dry. That dry grass makes for a great back scratching place if you ask me! The rest of the family doesn’t roll around like I do. What is wrong with them anyway? It […]