Thoughts On Dogs Sleeping In Bed With You

We’ve got some thoughts on dogs sleeping in bed to share with you today. It is a topic people feel strongly about either one way or the other. It has been studied a lot the past few years. Having us in bed with our humans is a good thing and we do not ruin your […]

Our Birthday Gift To Mom This Year

Figuring out how to get Mom the birthday gift she has been asking for this year was not easy. For a while now, she keeps telling us she really wants a photo of all four of us with her, a true family photo. Being the oldest, it is up to me to figure out how […]

The Making Of Mr. Handsome

The making of Mr. Handsome is a rather simple recipe. One needs a handsome hound, such as me, Nelson, cool shades, a trending hat, and the right bow tie. Friends of ours were at Disney recently and they brought back a summer bow tie for me. They know I love my bow ties. Isn’t it […]

The Second Day Trip Up North This Week

Yesterday we had the second day trip up north of the week. Sunday was Nelson’s nose work trial, and yesterday it was for me to have a private nose work lesson. My instructor rented the school in Barnum so we could search there. Mom and I had a great time and learned a lot. On […]

What Are We Thankful For Today?

What are we thankful for today? Today is a tough day to be thankful I have some weird growths that Mom is taking me to the vet to have looked at, and we have some of the worst air quality in the world. Still we manage to find good in everything. This is a photo […]

The Joy Of Finding A Hide With Mom In Nose Work

The joy of finding a hide is the main reason we all do nose work. Mom says I take that joy a bit farther than my sisters do. Back in May I earned my Level On Container and Vehicle Titles. The still photos just came out and we purchased them all. Today I am sharing […]

Caution – Birthday Bloopers May Make You Happy!

Birthday bloopers are the norm at our house. We always have birthday parties and every party seems to have some nonsense going on. Mom finds out about it when she downloads our party photos. The plan was originally to video my party, but as we were ready to get started we realized we didn’t have […]

Early 10th Birthday Treat Shopping For Bailie

I did my 10th birthday treat shopping early this year. June is a packed month for our family, and then Mom realized everyone will be out of town on my actual birthday. She feels bad about that, but my pet sitter will celebrate with me, I’m sure. I even got to pick out a special […]

Thankful For A Good Rehab Check Up

I’m thankful for a good rehab check up on Tuesday. It has been about six weeks since I had x-rays done and my doctor set up a treatment plan for my limping issue. I started taking adequan injections every four days for eight injections to “load up”. After my last one I will get one […]

A Banner Day In Barn Hunt For Nelson

I had a banner day at Barn Hunt on Saturday! Not only did I earn my Open Title (RATO) I earned first place out of all the dogs in each search and High in Class in my second one! Not bad for a fifteen month old guy. You may recall my name was Banner when […]