A Walk On The Peace Trail In Janesville, Wisconsin

We took a walk on the Peace Trail in Janesville, Wisconsin on our way to Illinois last Friday. Because it gets dark so early, Mom wants to stop somewhere to get some exercise before the sun goes down. We read about the Ice Age Trail System, and ended up parking where the Peace Trail is. […]

Easy To Make Tricky Pumpkin Kongs For Halloween

It’s time to make my tricky pumpkin Kongs for your favorite pup for Halloween. Every dog deserves something special for Halloween, why not a tasty Kong? I bet they will even enjoy working on one Halloween night when all the spooky stuff goes on outside. It is a very good distraction for a dog. My […]

Awww, Why Is It So, We Have To Ask

Why is it so? Why when a home has eight dog beds, countless chairs, couches and other beds, does a dog decide to sleep on the hard wood floor. Can it really be comfortable? Nelson is the king of hard floor sleeping, even at nighttime. The weather is now cool, so it can’t be to […]

Look Who Is Going Wild Now – Surprise!

Look who is going wild now! Normally Olivia plays chase and wrestle with Nelson. I have never played with him, if anything I tell him and Olivia to knock it off. The other morning I noticed Olivia came inside and Nelson was still out, so I went out to see if he might want to […]

The Final Odds And Ends From Our Montana Road Trip

Today we have the final odds and ends from our Montana road trip. Not all the things we see fit in their own post, so we put those all here for you today. This is a shot of me and Nelson at Bozeman Pass. We drove through here on the way to and from our […]

It’s Just Me And The Cat This Weekend

It’s just me and the cat this weekend. My sisters and brother are on a sniffing road trip. Well, Nelson is just along for the ride, but Olivia has a trial and Bailie also got into a trial, so she is traveling for the first time in a long time. I’ll enjoy getting spoiled as […]

Evening Seems To Bring Out The Craziness

Evening seems to bring out the craziness at out house, especially with me and Nelson. Before bed, we get all worked up and then can’t settle back down, but boy do we have fun! Madison puts up with Nelson, but the two of them don’t really play. They walk on leash with Mom, and they […]

Run Free Beautiful Sophie, We’ll Always Remember You

Run free, beautiful Sophie. Since you never cared for dogs, we never spent much time with you, but we always respected you, and your presence in our house will be missed forever. Sophie had not been feeling well for a couple months. Mom had her to the vet and she was on medication but it […]

Friday Variety Show – Felines, Flowers, And A Hound?

It’s the Friday Variety Show on the blog – Felines, Flowers, and a Hound? Everyone worries about cat bro Bert, but he is doing great living as in indoor/outdoor cat. He spends most of his time outside, his choice. When he is in the house, it is usually to eat, or for a really good […]

Is Your Pup Drinking Enough Water This Summer?

Is your pup drinking enough water this summer? We get hot and thirsty just like humans but we are usually at your mercy to get water. Good fresh water is key to a healthy dog! Drinking out of the hose can be fun, bowls are great, but make sure your dog always has good, clean […]