Big Sniffing Toys For Big Sniffing Boys

Mom found big sniffing toys for her best big sniffing boy over the long weekend. I have a nose work trial coming up and I need some practice on vehicles. Thankfully, the road construction people took some time off, so I could use their big machinery to do some sniff practice. Most of the time […]

Is Your Pup Carrying Proper ID?

Is your pet carrying proper ID? May is Chip Your Pet Month. At our house, we are all chipped, even cat bro Bert is chipped! The best thing about a chip is it is an implant, so no matter where your pet goes, the chip goes along. At our house, we believe a lot of […]

Cat Bro Bert Is Back Outside In The Warm Weather

Cat bro Bert is back outside this week, but he isn’t out as much as he was last spring and summer. This was the first day he went out. He didn’t leave the deck because there was still a lot of snow in the yard and he doesn’t like snow! Unfortunately for everyone but Bert, […]

Oh How I Love To Enjoy The Great Outdoors!

Oh how I love to enjoy the great outdoors. Sometimes for sports, sometimes for fun, and sometimes to just be silly. Being outside is healthy for dogs and humans and we spend a lot of time out there. Today I thought I would share some photos of my outdoor fun from the past year. Every […]

This Week We Are Thankful For…

This week we are thankful for a few things around our house. With all the snow, and a lack of sports this time of year, not much has been happening. Still, we each have something to be thankful for. I’m thankful I got to go to my first Summit class. The new level I am […]

Let The Good Times Roll Once Again

We are letting the good times roll once again at our house. Now that Nelson is cleared to do whatever he wants, the wild pants are coming back out. We never realized how much fun he provides until he was missing in action for ten days. Thank dog he is back! Before getting to the […]

Walking In A Winter Wonderland – Minnetonka Trails

Mom and I went walking in a winter wonderland on the Minnetonka Trail System on the weekend. After all our snow, it is so beautiful outside, the trails are plowed, so why not take in the beauty and get some fresh air and exercise? Come along with me and I will show you some of […]

Let’s Take A Walk In A Snowstorm

We all love a good walk in a snowstorm at our house. Being National Walk Your Dog Month, we decided to post about it. This week we had another snowstorm and got about fourteen inches of snow over two days. It is beautiful out with everything covered in snow! We are up and out before […]

Heading Out On Our Final Road Trip Of 2022

We’re heading out on our final road trip of 2022. Mom and I have a master plan for my sports and one more trip this year is a part of it. Our travels will take us past Whoville, over Mount Crumpit, and down to our camp. Mom says the trip itself won’t be anything spectacular, […]

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Begins At Home

The ugly Christmas sweater contest begins here at home! Mom had a lot of them in her closet, some were really, really old, but last year she cleaned her closet and got rid of most of them. Thankfully, she still has enough of these ugly things for us to have a fun family contest. Having […]