Little Puppy Madison The First Year

Little puppy Madison is turning seven years old next week. Today is the first day of my birthday week and I’m kicking off the week with puppy pics from my first year of life. Everyone tells me I’m so cute now, but oh my goodness, was I a cute puppy or what? It’s always fun […]

Madison Says: Happiness Is…Rolling Around In The Grass

Happiness to me is rolling around in the grass. My furs are not orderly, my back has some itches, and I need a place to scratch it and stretch out. The lawn is an ideal place. No one else in my family rolls around like I do. It feels so good! Get those front legs […]

An Uphill FastCAT In Baldwin Wisconsin

Three weeks ago we ran our second FastCAT weekend of the season. This time Madison also came along to run as she was cleared by her doctor. Poor Madison still has some PTSD from her crash last year. We can tell she is slower than usual because she is being careful. Each run she got […]

Bailie’s First Puppy Year At Our House

Today I thought I would look back at my first puppy year here at home. I did a lot of things for a little one. It is fun to go back and see how everyone and everything has changed over the years. Lucky for me, Mom has always taken a lot of photos to keep […]

Does Nelson Enjoy FastCAT? What Do You Think?

Does Nelson enjoy FastCAT? What do you think? We purchased my photos from my very first run and from my title run. I sure look like a happy guy! Look at those big paws flying along. The first five photos are from my very first run. Remember, I was a bit confused, but then realized […]

Memorial Day Weekend Sniff N Go Fun

Nelson and I enjoyed some Sniff N Go fun at the Commemorative Air Force Museum on the weekend. We got to sniff around all kinds of military stuff, including vehicles, bombs (not active), and airplanes! I’ve got a lot of experience under my furry belt after four years of sniffing, but Nelson is just sixteen […]

Walking Along The Canon River

Nelson and I took a walk along the Canon River yesterday. He had nose work trials at the fairgrounds and I went along to be his personal cheerleader. We had a big break between the trials which is when we walked along the river. The trail ends at the railroad bridge, so we walked down […]

The Mallards Have Moved In And They Are Expecting!

The mallards have moved in at our house! For several days, every time we went out the front door for our walks we were determined to go to the front bay window. Mom didn’t let us as she was afraid of what was lurking there. Finally, she let me check it out, and then she […]

Is Your Dog Safe In Your Vehicle?

Is your dog safe in your vehicle? Do you properly restrain her whether you are driving three miles or three hours? If you answered “no”, you need to read this post and do some serious thinking unless you don’t care about the safety of yourself and your pup. When you drive, you most likely wear […]

Growing Up Olivia – The First Three Years

Growing up Olivia has been pretty fun I would say. Since it is my birthday week, I thought I would look back at how I have changed my first three years. I’ll start with the day I was born until today, which is my photo at the computer. I was sorting through all the photos […]