Time To Color Eggs For Easter

It’s time to color eggs for Easter at our house. Last Easter, Nelson was still living with his dog parents, so it’s his first Easter with us. Mom asked Olivia to show him how to do it, but she said she didn’t want to, so I said I would do it. One of our best […]

The Shortest Birthday Party In Family History

This cake caused the shortest birthday party in my family’s history. Oh my heavens, we all went crazy and right when the party got started it pretty much ended. It has caused Mom to ponder the thought of setting up video at the next party. For my party this year I chose a carrot cake. […]

Eye Surgery – Day Seven Of Ten With The Cone

Nelson’s eye surgery for eversion of the third eyelid was a week ago today, so we are on day seven of ten days wearing a cone. To say this has been a rough week would be an understatement. Trying to keep a healthy, normally active, one year old hound quiet for ten days is nearly […]

Hanging Out And Tender Moments Between Brothers

Even cats and dogs have tender moments between brothers. Sure, Bert and I spend most of our time fighting, playing chase, and stuff like that, but sometimes we do like each other. Hanging out on the landing is always a good spot to watch the world happenings. Bert loves the fireplace and he can be […]

A Look Back At Bailie’s Year 2022

I’m taking a look back at my year 2022 today. Every year, during New Year’s week we look back at what we each have done. Since there are now four of us and some have accomplished a lot, we decided to each take our own day to post about our year. Mom loves doing things […]

It Looks Like A Paws

Yes, it looks like a paws. We’ve had a busy couple weeks with travel, snowstorms, extreme cold, and Christmas celebrations. Today we decided to take a break, or as we like to call it at our dog house, “a paws.” We will be back again refreshed and ready to go tomorrow!

Happy Hound Bailie At Gramma’s House

I’m always a happy hound when I get to Gramma’s house, especially when I go alone with Mom. It is a lot of fun being an only dog for part of a day! Gramma loves to spoil me and I am super gentle and well behaved with her. She has some really pretty holiday planters […]

An Attempted Halloween Squirrel Takeover

It’s an attempted Halloween squirrel takeover! Whew, thank dog for the Squirrel Patrol being right there on the scene to stop the process! Squirrels are the theme of our costume set this year. It didn’t exactly work out as hoped, but we think you will get the idea. This year is tough with four of […]

An Evening Stroll Along The Meramec River

The Meramec River is just across the highway from the Drury Inn where we stayed while in St. Louis for the dog show at Purina Farms. Saturday night we were tired by still wanted to get some exercise before retiring to our hotel room for the night. Mom had looked at the area we were […]

Ahoy Me Hearties! It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Ahoy me hearties! It’s talk like a pirate day today! I’m more of a landlubber pirate, so I don’t mind being marooned right here. Trying to get around on sea legs isn’t for me. I can keep an eye on the ship as the lookout with my spyglass any time. Yo ho ho! I hear […]