Back To Nature With Backcountry

I was at home, conducting my neighborhood watch recently when the guy in the brown truck pulled up and delivered this box of Backcountry Raw-Infused from Merrick. I was quite surprised and couldn’t wait to see what was in the box! Backcountry is a brand new all natural, grain free, high protein ancestral diet. I […]

A Collection Of Milestones

Well now, who is that adorable little puppy? Debucher Baguette (aka Emma)? Oh yes, I was going to post about milestones today and today is a big milestone at our house. Exactly eight years ago today, Mom flew to London to meet me for the very first time and take me back home to Germany […]

How To Show Your Pet Love While Achieving Weight Loss | #HillsPet

Every pet parent wants to show their pet love, but unfortunately, humans often show love with too much food. How can you show your pet love and achieve weight loss? Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution is a great place to start redefining the way you show your pet love with food! Overweight dogs […]