A Surprise, Very Tender Moment Between Siblings

Surprise! A very tender moment is about to happen. I know Madison’s birthday has been going on forever, but Mom caught me and Nelson having a special moment and she saved it for Awww Monday. The reason why I suddenly felt this love for my little brother is my own secret. I hope you enjoy […]

Madison’s Achievements While Being Six Years Old

My achievements during my year of being six were not high in number but some are big in quality. Mom says as we all move up in our sports, the number of titles may go down, but the ones we earn are earned by a lot of hard work and are well deserved. Lets start […]

FastCAT With The Hungarian Pumi Club In Stillwater

The Hungarian Pumi Club held FastCAT this past weekend in Stillwater. Olivia, Nelson, and I ran on Friday and Saturday. We ran at their event last year in July too. Thankfully the weather was fairly cool which helps us run a bit better. No one in the family set any personal records but we were […]

Life Events While Being Nine Years Old

I didn’t have a lot of life events or milestones while I have been nine years old, but a couple of things did happen. I’ve put my milestones into two categories for you. Life Event One – Traveling To Three New States Mom still can’t believe I don’t like the car and I dislike traveling. […]

Celebrating Memorial Day 2023

Today we celebrate Memorial Day 2023. Madison and I are the only flag holders in the family which works out well. We have one flag for the soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom and one for the K9’s who died for our freedom. In our area, Fort Snelling National Cemetery is one of […]

A Few Outtakes From Mom’s Day At Our House

Today we thought we would post a few outtakes from our Mom’s Day celebration. We are really good at photos, even with four of us. The above photo is a keeper and it only took 12 shots to get it, which isn’t bad. We all know the drill when it comes to photos and that […]

Puppy Love Is In Full Bloom This Spring

Puppy love is in full bloom this spring! Our neighbors brought home a Leonberger puppy recently and I, Nelson, am falling in love. I’m surrounded by girls – my three sisters, Winnie, a doodle in the yard behind us and now Rosie in the yard next to us. She is already a big girl at […]

Stick Happy Hound – Fun With A Stick

I’m a stick happy hound sometimes. We have a lot of sticks in our yard this spring because of all the heavy snow we had. Mom has picked up the bigger ones but she is waiting to mow over the smaller ones. In the meantime, we are having fun playing with them. There is no […]

Is Your Pup In Tip Top Shape Canine Fitness Month

Is your pup in tip top shape? I have three sisters that keep me hopping, my sports, and a reputation of being a lady’s man with the girls to maintain. For me, looking sharp and feeling good is a top priority. April is Canine Fitness Month, the ideal time to remind everyone about the importance […]

Frolicking Fun In The April Sun

Nelson and I have been having some frolicking fun in the April sun this week. It is way too warm, but we still chase and wrestle. Now and then we pause to contemplate our next strategies. Nelson is in pretty good shape, but I am still faster…probably because I’m lighter on my paws. I love […]