lovepop – Make Your Love Pop This Mother’s Day

We love lovepop at our house! Every year we ponder what to get for Mom and Gramma for Mother’s Day. This year, our problem is solved early with some amazing pop up cards and a pop up flower bouquet.

There’s A New Detective In Town Named Olivia

There’s a new Detective in town and Olivia is her name! The day after I turned four, I earned my final Q and now hold the SWD Title in Scent Work. It’s super exciting since Detective searches require perfection. What Is A Detective Search Detective is the highest level of AKC Scent Work. The search […]

Short Madison Enjoys A Walk In The Deep Snow

I enjoyed a walk in the deep snow with my mom on the weekend. We were out at Gramma’s house but the trails there were not plowed like ours at home. With all the pretty fresh snow we just got, we wanted to be out in it a bit. Nelson could not come along because […]

7 Reasons To Walk Your Dog In The Wintertime

I’ve got seven reasons why you should walk your dog in the wintertime. Yes, we are winter lovers which makes it easier, but even those folks that are not all that keen on winter should get out and walk as well. Winter walking is healthy for not only your dog, but for you as well. […]

The Weekend Sports Update For The Girls

It’s time for the weekend sports update for the girls in the family. Normally we post about our sports on Tuesdays, but Nelson turned nine months old on Tuesday, so we pushed our post out a couple days. It’s all mostly good news and we are thankful for that! I’m super excited to tell you […]

The Day After Pulling An All-Nighter

The day after pulling an all-nighter is a tough one for cat bro Bert. We know he has a lot of fans, so we are letting him do a post once again. We had some warmer weather earlier in the week and Bert decided to stay out all night a few times. Now with the […]

Nelson Lays Claim To The Big Chair

Nelson has claimed the big chair in the living room as his own. Mom doesn’t really care as she has never liked the chair and never sits in it. The little guy started playing on it, but now he has really claimed it for storing toys, watching what is going on in the house, and […]

Nelson Earns His First Two Show Points!

I earned my first two show points on the day I turned eight months old! Mom says this showing thing is very frustrating. She let my breeder take me in the ring, and Mom took one of my brothers. My breeder says I should be winning, and I guess she is right because I did! […]

Nelson Turns Eight Months Old At Purina Farms

I turned eight months old on Sunday, the 18th, at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Missouri. It was probably my last really special milestone because I got to celebrate with two of my brothers and one sister. Purina Farms is a pretty cool place to be as well! My brother Grunge, sister Varah and I […]

Fun Professional FastCAT Photos From Our Last Trials

We love the fun professional FastCAT photos we get from some of the trials. This year so far we are lucky and each trial has had photographers. Now that we have done a lot of FastCAT, we don’t buy as many because they aren’t all that different, but some are exceptional or different and we […]