Hip, Hip, Hooray! Madison Turns Lucky Seven Today!

Hip, hip, hooray, I’m turning lucky seven today! I’m all fancied, ready to let loose and have a pawtastic day! For my online friends, without further ado, I have my birthday photo shoot for you. How do you like my brand new party hat? My friends Rosy and Sunny told my mom where to get […]

Birthdays Of the Past – Madison’s Birthday Week Starts Now!

Let’s start my birthday week looking back at my birthdays of the past. Today is the first day of my last week of being six. It’s time to start the pawty! If you are looking for a super cute puppy, look no more. I can’t believe how cute I was when I turned one! Even […]

What Dogs And Their Humans Are Thankful For

What are dogs and their humans thankful for? We are good for each other for too many reasons to count. For today, I decided on six things for us dogs and six for the humans to share with you. Let’s start with why we pups are so thankful for our humans. This first one is […]

Dam Beaver, Big Bison, Green Tripe, Oh My!

Dam beaver, big bison, green tripe, it is making my mouth water just writing it down! What to feed us has been evolving since Mom got her first dog almost thirty years ago. Dog foods have also been evolving during this time.  Mom switched from cheap kibble all the way up to supposedly the best […]

Olivia’s Friday Finds On A Walk

How about some fun and/or pretty Friday finds from my walk? Of course, Orange girl is all set to go in orange, with a proper camera to capture anything nice. It was hot and humid, but Mom and I still had a nice walk. Let’s get this party started with something orange, like this beautiful […]

Olivia’s First Summit Trial – The Ups And Downs

Team Orange competed in their first Summit Trial in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, at The Kiski School last weekend. Summit is the highest level in NACSW nose work and Mom and I were really excited to get to play. There are very few trials, so it is not always easy to get a spot. The Kiski School […]

Hot And Steamy Days Mean Wild Evenings

Hot and steamy days mean wild evenings at our house! We had a week of perfect weather and then the dreaded summer weather appeared. Thankfully the evenings cool off a bit. I wonder where Nelson is? I’d like to get some chase going. And we are off! Nelson and I are working on our speed […]

A Grand FastCAT Weekend For Nelson And Olivia

It was a Grand FastCAT Weekend for me and Olivia at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Bailie has some arthritis issues so she is no longer doing FastCAT and Madison is waiting to be cleared by her doctor so she can run again. Since dogs have to be at least a year old to run, this […]

Life Is Better With Furballz

Life is better with Furballz, at least it is the case at our house. There are four of us and four Furballz. At least one of them is being played or cuddled with pretty much all the time. We often take them with us when napping so no one can steal them. For Bailie, Furballz […]

Mother Nature’s April Fools Joke Was No Joke

Mother Nature’s April Fools Joke was no joke this year. She dumped about eight inches of heavy, wet snow on us. It sure was a beautiful scene, but it also caused a lot of damage. Almost three hundred thousand people lost power, there were about four hundred accidents and spin outs, and many events were […]