Olivia Gets A Clean Bill Of Health

I got a clean bill of health at the vet yesterday. This year, Mom is taking us one at a time, one a month for our yearly check ups. It is a lot of work taking all of us anywhere, so she thought one at a time might be nice. Nelson went the beginning of […]

The Ducklings Arrived – The Good, Bad, And Sad

The ducklings arrived on May 23rd and left their nest to venture out into the world on the 24th. All that is left is a nest of fluff and broken eggshells. We counted ten eggs, so there should be ten ducklings. Not long ago, this was the scene when Missy left the nest – one […]

The Creek Is Full But Not Running Over

The Minnehaha Creek is full, but not running over the banks. Mom and I are quite surprised as all the major rivers in our area are at flood stage and above right now. The good news is that the water level is high since last year it was almost completely dried up. On the weekend […]

An Update On Madison’s Limping Problem

Last week I went back to the vet for my limping problem. I finished my six cold laser therapy treatments and had new x-rays taken to try to see what is going on inside. The best news is that my limping is intermittent and usually only lasts a few steps when it hits me. This […]

The Crazy Guy In The Backyard Is Nelson

It’s me, Nelson, the crazy guy in our backyard. Spring is here for a few days and I’m letting my furs down. I cruise around looking cute and handsome, waiting for something crazy to do. Mom says this is my “I’m up to something” look. I take offense, as a nice boy like me would […]

A Tiny Taste Of Dog Sports In January

We’ve only had a tiny taste of dog sports this January. Mom had big practice plans but with all the snow and then the ice, most of that has fallen apart because it is too difficult or to slippery. Still, we have had a few things to do. Nelson did a buried hide trial on […]

Time To Party – Nelson’s First Birthday Party

It’s time to party! Yesterday we celebrated my first birthday with a family party. I got to celebrate birthdays with Bailie and Madison, but this is the first time the party was for me. Having a birthday party is very exciting! A while ago, Mom and I went to the bakery to order my birthday […]

Scenes From Our Weekend In Pennsylvania

As you know we spent the weekend in Pennsylvania. We traveled through five states to get to the sixth and our destination. The weather was snowy when we left home and it was that way all through Wisconsin. It was heavy snow that made everything look like a real life winter wonderland. Nelson volunteered to […]

Meeting Groundhogs And Visiting Gobbler’s Knob

Have you visited Gobbler’s Knob or met all the groundhogs in Punxsutawney? Madison’s nose work trial cancelled because of an ice storm and we were already in Pennsylvania, so we went to see Phil, the famous groundhog. The town has thirty two statues and then there is Gobbler’s Knob where Phil comes out every year […]

Today Is Thanksgiving And We Are All Giving Thanks

Today we are giving thanks as it is Thanksgiving. We are all pretty fortunate pups and we have a lot to be thankful for. First and foremost, we are all very thankful to all our friends and family, in person and online. You are all special to us. This year, we thought it would be […]