Cat bro Bert is back outside this week, but he isn’t out as much as he was last spring and summer. This was the first day he went out. He didn’t leave the deck because there was still a lot of snow in the yard and he doesn’t like snow!

Unfortunately for everyone but Bert, we hit the 80’s starting on Tuesday. The rest of our snow is almost gone now and it is too hot for everyone but the cat.

He remembered right off the bat how he likes to roll on the crispy grass, and scratch on the trees.

Bert is like us pups in that he also enjoys a nice perimeter check when he comes into the yard.

Perhaps he is feeling like a scent hound the way he is sniffing the pine tree branches?

He isn’t interested in Madison and she doesn’t seem to care about him being out in the yard either.

We guys, on the other paw have to stick together. He loves me and he also loves Bailie for some reason. A little outdoor snuggle doesn’t hurt anyone, right?

Now that the weather is warmer and Bert is back outside, I’m sure we will see more of him. Maybe we will even play chase if he is up to it. It seems like he really aged over the winter. Until recently he acted like a six year old cat, now he acts his age which is sixteen to eighteen years old. He came from the shelter and was probably three, but at least one when Mom got him. Enjoy your walk Bert!