Stop carrying poop bags in your hands when you are out and about! We all started walking on hands-free leashes when Mom had her heart attack last summer. It’s great for all of us until Mom ends up carrying a bag of our poop. No one wants to carry that around for long periods of time. Remember our friend Poppy? Well, her mom gave our mom a Puppy Doggy bag holder and we fell in love right away! Now the bag is secure and Mom’s hands are free again!

Not only are these bag holders amazing, but they are durable and super cheap too! Since we loved our first one so much, we jumped on Amazon and ordered more so we have them on all the leashes we usually use. They come in a four pack for about eight dollars. The holder can also be put on or taken off a leash in about two seconds.

Puppy Doggy holders are made out of durable silicone and will work in temperatures from minus sixty degrees to plus two hundred fifty degrees. They are easy to install, and simple to use. The set of four comes with a hook in case you need it to attach to something. You can also attach these to a bike handle, or stroller. The grooves keep the holder from slipping off what it is attached to.

Olivia and I use the double hands-free leash. Mom has the holder attached to the belt part on a metal piece. It works perfectly.

Bailie uses a different hands-free leash and has it attached to a loop on that belt as well.

Here is a close up of the holder in use with a full bag. Mom is so happy to have her hands completely free once again! We’ve been carrying poop bags with these holders for over a month now and the holders are still good as new, no slipping or losing bags!

If you have a regular leash, the holder can be attached to the handle as I have done.

Olivia also wants to mention you can keep an empty bag or two in the holder. We are so happy Poppy’s mom gave us one because they are exactly what we have been looking for! Now our walks are truly hands-free for the entire walk! Stop by Amazon to order some for you and your pup.