We stopped at Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store on the way to our trial early Saturday morning. The place is usually packed but since it is closed at that time of day, we had the exterior to ourselves. Emma stopped here once, and two years ago, Bailie and Olivia stopped. This year it is time for Nelson and me to check it out. Mom says they have added a lot of 3D artwork. Let’s check it out!

Normally, Mom would want to go in and buy a lot of stuff. Now that she doesn’t eat refined sugar, going in the store is not necessary. It would still be interesting, though, because they have a lot of candy from the olden days which is fun and brings back memories.

This big mural in the middle of the one side of the store is fun cartoony. We didn’t realize why it is there until we read the incident report. Mom then remembered hearing about it when the crash happened.

Here is the mural, which is in 3D and kind of fun to look at. The candy store doesn’t have a website or anything, but everyone knows about the place. People post about it all the time on social media giving them some free advertising.

Yikes, this little lady coming out of the door is trying to shoot me with her bow and arrow. Even in the early morning hours, it can be a dangerous place, I guess! The ground is also painted with big 3D cartoon characters but a photo didn’t really work from the angles we could shoot it.

Finally, who would love a Jelly Belly? I would love a belly rub, but I think I may be falling in love with my new Jelly Belly buddy. Hope you enjoyed our little tour of the exterior of this store. We loved finding the new things they have to take fun photos with!