We are brothers from other mothers, other species, an odd couple, but we do like each other somewhat. Mom finds us hanging out together fairly often.

Bert loves to cuddle and often tries to cuddle with Bailie, but she really doesn’t like it at all. I don’t mind, so I let Bert hang out by me, and sometimes I even groom him. There are also those times when I chase him and pretend I am going to eat him, but he gets over that pretty quickly.

He likes to rub his head on my nose. I let him do it. It doesn’t hurt or anything.

The guy gets dirty somehow, or maybe he just tastes like food? In any case, I like to lick his furs.

He does smell funny I think. I guess he has the smell of a feline. Funny, but he never smells me, he just likes to rub his furs on mine sometimes.

Hey bro, how about some nice kisses from your very favorite brother. I know he really likes my kisses a lot.

We may be brothers from other mothers, but we are still brothers and we do share some nice times. Lying in the sunshine is one of those things we both enjoy on a cool day. My sisters are great, but having a brother is nice sometimes, even if he is a feline.