Birthday bloopers are the norm at our house. We always have birthday parties and every party seems to have some nonsense going on. Mom finds out about it when she downloads our party photos. The plan was originally to video my party, but as we were ready to get started we realized we didn’t have anything to hold the camera. This shot is me without my guests, getting the camera settings right.

Here we caught Nelson and Madison goofing off. Madison doesn’t usually do such crazy things but some days I guess she feels funny. Nelson is perhaps praying for more cake?

Madison was really in a goofy mood at my party. Look at how she stuck her tongue out for the photo? That is not very nice.

Little Mr Nelson is sad that the plate is empty. Perhaps if he learns to eat slower and savor his food he would be happier?

Whoa! Where did Nelson go. I guess he is done with the party thing. It looks like a fur pillow is left on his chair.

And, the opportunist in the family makes her move. She knows to leave my space alone, but if you leave the table, your plate and place are fair game, right? Since she isn’t truly “on the table”, no harm done.

We will end the birthday bloopers with silly pants, Madison. She sure did enjoy my party. It’s always good to have happy guests!