Nelson asked for big toys for his five month old puppy photo shoot on Saturday. He says it is rough with all the girly stuff around here, so he wanted something fun for boys. Mom and Nelson went over the the construction site at sunset and took some photos on the large, dirty machinery. This big bucket is one of their favorite photos.

Aside from being a fun place for photos, it teaches Nelson to not be afraid of big vehicles. Who knows what he will be searching during his nose work career. Bailie had huge farm tractors years ago, and Olivia recently had the semi truck.

One funny thing is that Nelson is always so super clean. Seeing him on all the dirt is rather funny. He came home clean as a whistle from his photo shoot! Luckily, the dirt was all pretty dry.

He was not afraid at all of being up on the machinery. The only difficulty is that he wanted to check it all out and not sit still for photos, but he did well overall. Mom says the hard part was for her to climb up on the big toys to put Nelson up there!

It’s hard to believe our little brother is already five months old and growing like a weed. He is now thirty one pounds which means he is officially bigger than me, Madison, who is usually around twenty nine pounds. Nelson is smart and is not too much of a pest around here. We love the little fellow and are happy he has joined our pack.