Who wants to come along for some beach fun with us? Summer isn’t our season, but if we are at the beach, it is much better. The heat is no fun, so we are looking forward to fall and winter. Before that happens, check out our beach place.

Bailie prefers to hang out in her old VW camper bus. She is always her own hound and it fits her personality perfectly. For her, she always goes with whatever she is feeling with no concern for anything else.

Olivia and I ran into this penguin visiting from the Arctic Circle. He was super cool with his shades and all, but he too is not a fan of the summer heat.

The back side of our beach house has a nice spot to relax in the shade. It is still warm, but we like it. Notice all the “sea” clutter. We think it makes for a fun atmosphere.

While we were relaxing, Bailie took the boat out for a spin. We thought the water didn’t look so good, so we opted to wait at the house for her to come back. We had lots of time to relax, but some beach fun too.

On the way out to head back home, this silly frog tried to give me the old foot wedge! Evidently, he is not a fan of dogs on his beach. It’s no wonder Mom doesn’t like frogs! I’m sure we will be back again, so this frog won’t keep us from returning to our happy place.